About Kota

The south eastern region of Rajasthan known as Hadoti comprises of Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar and Kota is a treasure of history dating back to several centuries. Pre-historiccaves, paintings, formidable forts and the mighty Chambal River hurtling from the Vindhyas are dotted in the region.

Kota is Rajasthan's Fifth Largest City. Kota is situated on the banks of Chambal River and is fastly emerging as an important Industrial & Educational Centre. It boasts of Asia's largest fertilizer plant, precision instrument unit and atomic power station nearby. Surprisingly unexplored, the Kota region of Rajasthan has some splendid treasures for the tourist to take home memories of. Its impregnable fortresses, sprawling palaces, exquisitely wrought palaces and lovely waterways act as a magnificent foil to its exotic wildlife and delicate fresco Paintings.
Kota is well known for its vibrant education sector. In fact, the numerous coaching centers which prepare aspirants for India's elite engineering and medical colleges have given a totally new character and identity to the city. 

The fine-grained variety of limestone is known as Kota stone is found plenty in Kota. Kota is also very famous for Sarees known as 'Kota-Masuria and Kota Doria in all over the India.

Places to See

Chambal Garden 

A beautifully landscaped garden at the Amar Niwas. Its lush surroundings make it a popular picnic spot offering enjoyable boar rides. 

Maharao Madho Singh Museum 

Situated in the old palace, the museum has a superb collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school, exquisite sculptures, frescoes and armory. The museum also houses a rich repository of artistic items used by the Kota rulers. 

The Government Museum 

Housed in the Brijvilas Palace near the Kishore Sagar, the museum displays a rich collection of rare coins, manuscripts and a representative selection of Hadoti sculpture. Especially noteworthy is an exquisitely sculptured statue brought here from Baroli.

Jag Mandir 

Amid the picturesque artificial lake of Kishore Sagar constructed in 1346 AD by Prince Dher Deh of Bundi, stands the enchanting little palace of Jag Mandir. The azure waters around the red-sandstone monument enhances its beauty.Boat-rides can be enjoyed in the lake. The Keshar Bagh famous for its royal ¬†cenotaphs lies in the vicinity. 

Haveli of Devtaji 

The beautiful Haveli of Devta Shridharji is located in the middle of the busy market. The haveli is noted for its splendid frescoes and rooms ornate with lovely wall paintings. 

Kota Barrage 

A part of the irrigation canal system on the Chambal River,this beautiful setting is ideal for outings and evening strolls. 

Other Places worth visiting